Estrogen is one of the hormones that will naturally cause a persons body to store body fat.

Women produce more of it than men do. And it is natural for women to produce estrogen.

Three Kinds of Estrogen Dominance...

Estrogen dominance comes in three cases.1) where there is more estrogen in the body 2) where there is the normal amount of estrogen but there is not enough progesterone to balance the estrogen or 3) there is an abundance of chemicals in your body that or there is a hormone imbalance that causes your body to respond as if there is extra abundance.

This is a tricky source of weight gain because it is indirect. And subtle.

Normal Rise Of Estrogen

For women, you levels of estrogen and progesterone will naturally rise and fall with your menstrual cycle. The rise and fall of your estrogen levels will cause the rise and fall of your metabolism through your menstrual cycle. This is very real to you as a woman.

Hormone Imbalances

There are hormone imbalances that simply cause estrogen to be too high overall. There will be the ebb and flow of your estrogen levels but it will be constantly be elevated above the normal levels of estrogen and store body fat and water.

Low Progesterone

Then there is the case of abnormally low progesterone levels. In this case the levels of estrogen are normal but your progesterone levels are low. This is "read" by your body as "excess estrogen" and it will behave like you have excess estrogen and will store body fat and excess water.

Adrenal Fatigue

This low progesterone is usually caused by adrenal fatigue. A woman's adrenals are the "backup" gland that also produces progesterone and estrogen. When the adrenals get weak, one of the results is lowered progesterone.

Environmental Chemicals

The last situation is where environmental chemicals enter the body and are received as estrogen. There are an abundance of chemicals in the environment that chemically resemble estrogen. They resemble estrogen so closely that inside your body, your body cannot tell the difference.

"Gender Benders"

These environmental chemicals are also referred to as "gender benders" because they alter the gender of a life form. This has gotten to epidemic proportions.

Study after study is finding higher and higher levels of these chemical type of estrogen in children's and teen's today. Young females are going into puberty earlier than ever before. Young boys are also developing fat deposits similar to females (in the hips, thighs and chest) than ever before.

Telltale Fat Deposits

One of the telltale signs of estrogen dominance is the body fat deposits and where they are located. The estrogen receptors are in the breasts, hips and thighs. When estrogen is the receptors in these areas will cause body fat to be stored in these areas.

So stubborn fat in the hips and thighs is usually an estrogen issue. There are of course other signs and symptoms. The articles below will cover some of them.

What you want to do is read some or all of the articles below so you can get to know this particular cause of weight gain.







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