Before I got into how hormones affect natural weight loss, I want to go over what they are first.

They are chemicals in body: a chemical secreted by an endocrine gland or some nerve cells that regulates the function of a specific tissue or organ[1]

"Endocrine" means: relating to internal secretion: relating to the endocrine glands or their secretions.[2]

A gland is: secreting cell mass: in animals, a cell or group of cells that secretes a specific substance. Endocrine glands secrete directly into the bloodstream, while exocrine glands secrete through ducts into a cavity or to the surface of the body.[3]

There are fat creating chemicals created by the body naturally that produce fat creating effects and fat storing effects.

There are fat burning chemicals that produce fat burning effects.

These two groups are very, very powerful.

When we live our lives, we do things that release both these types of substances. If someone is doing things that release more of  the fat burning types, this person will be leaner and have less fat. Even if they do things that are supposed to make them fat. You know these people.

Then there are others who do "everything right" and stay fat or cannot lose fat. They are producing fat creating secretions.

This is a hidden cause of weight loss and weight gain, that if known will save all of you a great deal of grief and frustration.

When I was researching the causes of weight loss and weight gain, I wanted to find what was constant in the weight loss group and the weight gain group. These were constant. Calories were not.  People who lost weight permanently and quickly and naturally had more fat burning chemicals. People who could not, or who gained weight easily had far less fat burning chemicals than that fat creating chemicals being secreted.

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