There are hormones that burn fat. I created that section last week. This week, I’m writing about hormones that create fat and make you gain weight.

This is probably the most relevant section today. It is virtually unknown and I have to keep reminding myself that people do not know about this.

To recap, you can read this page to get a primer on hormones. Learn about hormones.


The first hormone is the most powerful and damaging one called cortisol. Cortisol is also called the stress hormone. It is secreted during times of stress. That is any kind of stress: Mental, emotional or physical. Over time, when this hormone is released consistently, it causes fat to be stored on your body, specifically your belly. There other negative things this hormone does to not only sabotage your weight loss but also cause a host of other unwanted physical problems.


Estrogen is the next hormone that is related to weight gain. It may seem that estrogen is related more obviously to women, but men are subject to estrogen effects as well. Estrogen, like cortisol, has its uses for survival but understanding its relationship to weight loss is important for you to understand. Estrogen blocks the fat-burning growth hormone. Estrogen and Fat.


Insulin is both a fat burning and fat storing hormone depending on its state in the body. You will see this on both pages of because insulin and glucagon are both double-edge hormones. Learn about insulin.


Glucagon is a double-edged hormone that opposes and does the opposite of insulin. They both regulate the amount of blood sugar in your body. They are both fat storing and fat burning. Learn more about Glucagon.





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