"Testosterone is another hormone that regulates the production of fat. Testosterone for fat loss is another powerful factor in natural weight loss..."

Specifically, it builds lean muscle which in-turn can assist with fat burning.

Testosterone changes your body shape into the shape that you want it to look like.

There are other lesser known effects as well. Testosterone also chisels the appearance of a person.


This hormone is created in the testes, adrenal glands and in the ovaries. It is a fat burning hormone.

It increases lean muscle development and strength, mental and physical energy and maintenance of muscle nutrition.

There are a few things that increase and decrease Testosterone for Fat Loss:

  • Sleep (REM dream) increases nocturnal testosterone levels.[1]
  • Resistance training increase testosterone levels,[2] however, in older men, that increase can be avoided by protein ingestion.[3]
  • Zinc deficiency lowers testosterone levels [4] but over supplementation has no effect on serum testosterone.[5]

Similarities to Growth Hormone

The above list looks very similar to what increases human growth hormone (HGH). That is because testosterone follows where human growth hormone (HGH) goes.

Facial Features

Some of the effects that testosterone has are a but unique to changing appearance. The person has a more chiseled look. Testosterone reduces subcutaneous fat in the face and other fat deposit areas that are associated with children.

The jawline becomes more defined and the body frame also becomes more defined. The shoulders broaden appropriately and the waist narrows. This gives both men and women a better body shape. This is particularly true for testosterone.

As a tool, you want testosterone for fat loss and the good news is that you just need to do the same things needed to produce HGH to produce Testosterone.


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